M-Spec Gallery

LCPG M-Spec Gallery

The Corsa LCPG “M-Spec” is the successor to the venerable Manalishi and is now the premier carved top Corsa Guitar! The ULTIMATE Corsa Guitar! The BEST Tone ever produced by a “solid body” humbucker guitar! We challenge you to find a better sounding humbucker equipped guitar. We haven’t found one yet. We compared our Manalishi model to original ‘Bursts, expensive “reissue” models and highly touted “replica” guitars…ours sounds better. If you find a better sounding guitar, buy it. Our customers’ testimonials attest to the fact that when a Corsa guitar arrives, it sounds better than any other guitar they own. The combination of our unique proprietary chambering, Manalishi™ pickups, finish and hardware produces a tone-machine that is louder, more resonant and sustains much longer than traditional guitars. We don’t sell products…we sell TONE!

This is a gallery of LCPG M-Spec guitars completed to date.



Cherry Burst, ’59 neck, 7 lbs.,
14 oz. (3.57 Kg.).

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