The Little Dog – the most versatile single pickup electric guitar ever! The single Manalishi “SplitBucker” pickup, originally designed specifically for the Little Dog, coupled with two 500K push-pull pots, offers an endless array of tones. High output coil split from the volume control push-pull pot and the awesome “cocked wah” tone tone from the tone control push-pull. Check out the videos below to see what the Little Dog can do! (Note: if PG90 pickup installed, only one push-pull is fitted) This Little Dog, with a ONE PIECE TOP at no extra cost, is available for custom order, in your choice of color, neck profile, and a host of other available options. Though it is routed for a SplitBucker, we can alter the route for a “dog ear” PG-90. The guitar will be assigned the next, sequential LITTLE DOG serial number when finished. The estimated finished weight of this guitar is a SUPERLIGHT! 6 pounds (2.72 Kg.), without any weight increasing options. Base price is for the completed guitar, without extra cost options. Deposit of 50% of total guitar cost, including options, payable with order. If the shipping address is in Pennsylvania, PA State Sales tax is collected on the full price of the guitar when finished. Balance, including shipping and applicable sales tax, is payable when the guitar is finished and ready to ship. Order now and have your new Corsa Little Dog is 30-45 days!

Standard Little Dog Build Specifications:

Solid 1/4″ flamed maple, center seamed, flat top
Mahogany, one piece, with chambering, no binding
Mahogany, one piece, no binding
Corsa '50s profile
Average measurements 1st, 7th, 12th frets:
'50: .820″/.917″/.964″
Pau Ferro (“Bolivian rosewood”) dot fret markers
2-Way adjustable
Tusq w/permanent lubrication
Faber® Deluxe
Manalishi™ SplitBucker™
Two 500K Push-Pull
.022 & .0027 (push-pull selectable)
2 Gold Foil Top
Faber® “Tone-Bar™” Compensated
Faber® “Vintage Steel”
*Specifications subject to change, without notice. All hardware is gloss nickel plated, standard

Corsa Little Dog for Custom Order #0418-3


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  • Create your own unique Little Dog by choosing the options below.

    Top Color

    Back Color

    "Faux" Side Binding

    Neck Profile

    Hardware Color

    Pickup Type

    Pickup Cover

    Pickup Mounting Ring

    Control Knobs

    Foil top knobs are recommended because they are easier to pull up than top hats (top hats need to be set higher off the body so that you can get your fingers underneath to pull up)


    Grover tuners will add approximately 2-4 ounces to finished weight. Consider that the guitars are very light and Grovers could make the guitar feel "neck heavy."

    Bridge Options

    Bridge Studs

    Strap Buttons

    String Gauge

    Because the string length is shorter than with a typical bridge and stopbar, it is best to use a string gauge one step below your usual preference. "LC Special" (9-12-16-26-36-46) are standard, and recommended for players typically using 10's.


    Video Archive

    Larry Corsa will play this guitar in a video, which will be embedded in the photo gallery.

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