This Little Dog, LD-025, in satin Dirty Lemon Burst, with a '50s neck profile, and ONE PIECE TOP is available for immediate delivery!

The Corsa “Little Dog.” A new breed of American guitar, bred for maximum tone, versatility and value! Everything we have learned about how to construct guitars with the emphasis on tone has gone into the new and unique Little Dog.

  • A masterful design combination: A solid 1/4″ maple top over a chambered one piece mahogany body, coupled to a set in, one piece “50's profile” neck. Add a finish that doesn't compromise the natural resonance or sustain of the woods and this makes an electric guitar that is as pleasing to play acoustically as it is amplified.
  • Our Manalishi™ “SplitBucker” humbucker, originally designed specifically for the Little Dog, that provides true Manalishi™ humbucker tone, as well as a higher output single coil when you split the coils using our new controls configuration.
  • We configured a set of push-pull potentiometers, with a creative combination of switchable capacitors that, along with our high output coil split pickup, allows for unmatched tone versatility. Volume control pulled up splits the humbucker, tone control pulled up simulates “out of phase” tone (“cocked wah” effect).

And, of course, the Little Dog exclusively uses famous, top quality Faber® German hardware. Our best tone transfer ideas went into the design of the Little Dog, making it the best sounding most versatile single pickup guitar ever produced.

Larry Corsa says, “My own experience with the guitar has been a joy and with all you can do with the tone controls you will quickly forget you are playing a one pickup guitar. The Little Dog has inspired me to play again, so much so, that I plan to make a series of “Little Dog Treats” videos, showing just how versatile this puppy is.”

You need to take Little Dog for a walk to understand the talk!

Note: Shipping charge at checkout is based upon the weight WITH hard shell case. If “no case” or “gig bag” are selected options, we will rebate a portion of the shipping charge back to you.

Corsa Little Dog LD-025

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