The Manalishi is Back! Here's your opportunity to customize your own Manalishi! FOR DELIVERY IN THE U.S. ONLY!

This Manalishi body is available to order with your choice of color, neck profile, and a host of other options, below. Beautiful bookmatched top with wide flame. The top will look much better with stain and lacquer, as that process always enhances the quality of the flame. The finished guitar will be assigned the next correct Manalishi “MAN-XXX” serial number. The estimated finished weight of M218-1 is 7 lbs., 6 oz. (3.35 Kg.), without any weight increasing options. Order now and have your new Corsa Manalishi is 45-60 days!

Standard Manalishi Build Specifications:

Solid Maple, center seamed (one piece optional) with “50's deep dish” carve, flat 1.2 degree pickup plane
Honduran mahogany, one piece, with chambering
Honduran mahogany, one piece, long tenon
Available in '59, '50s and '60s profiles
Average measurements 1st, 7th, 12th frets:
'59: .887″/.949″/.987″
'50: .820″/.917″/.964″
'60: .814″/.873″/.899″
Brazilian rosewood, celluloid pearl fret markers
2-Way adjustable
“NTN (Next to Nothing) Aged” light relic satin finish
Holly overlay, “Corsa” inlaid with celluloid pearl
Tusq w/teflon
Faber® Deluxe
Manalishi™ Humbucking Pickups
CTS TVT (“True Vintage Taper”) audio 500K, short shaft
Orange Drop, .022
2 Bell, 2 Foil Top
Faber® HYBRIDge™ ABRL Tone-Lock™ Bridge (titanium saddles on wound strings, natural brass on plain strings
Faber® TP-'59 lightweight aluminum
Faber® Tone-Lock vintage steel
Custom Corsa TKL hardshell
*Specifications subject to change, without notice.

Corsa Manalishi M218-1 For Custom Build, starting at


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  • Choose all options and give examples of finished guitars from the galleries you would like to be used as a guide for color, depth of burst color, burst coverage, etc. Add guitar model and serial number in the Comments box at the end of the form

    Top Color

    Back Color


    Brazilian Rosewood  is standard on Manalishi and the only available fingerboard type. NOTE: We can not export guitars from the U.S. with rosewood fingerboards.

    Neck Profile

    Top Finish

    Please read the Care of Finish document for a description of the available finishes.



    Original Manalishi Pickups standard. Optional Manalishi "SplitBucker" pickups (best for control pot options using coil splitting)

    Pickup Phase

    If ordering a single Push-Pull pot for phase changing, choose phase with the push-pull pot in the DOWN position. For example, if you want the guitar to be out of phase in the middle position with the push-pull pot down, choose "Out of Phase" here.

    Pickup Covers

    Neck Pickup Orientation

    Standard orientation is "Peter Green Style," with the neck pickup rotated in the mounting ring with the pole pieces facing the bridge. Note that this is a cosmetic feature only and has no bearing on pickup phase.

    Control Pot Options

    Four CTS short shaft 500K pots are standard. Ordering optional push-pull pots will reduce the number of CTS pots (i.e., adding a single push-pull for phase changing will use three CTS pots and one 500K push-pull pot). Single Push-Pull option for coil splitting splits both pickups at the same time. "Mass.Effect" Tone System includes four push-pull pots and Manalishi "SplitBucker" pickups.

    Control Knobs

    Foil Top knobs are recommended when using push-pull pots.


    Grover tuners will add aproximately 4 ounces to finished weight

    Pick Guard

    Pick Guard will add approximately 2 ounces to finished weight

    Strap Buttons

    Dunlop Strap-Lok will add approximately 1 ounce to finished weight. Strap hardware (nickel non-aged) included with Strap-Lok.

    Bridge Options

    Faber® Tone-Lock™ HYBRIDge™ with 3 titanium saddles for E-A-D wound strings standard on Manalishi

    String Gauge

    Corsa T-Shirt

    Free Corsa Guitars T-Shirt with all orders, in Men's sizing

    Extra Corsa T-Shirt

    Order an additional Corsa T-Shirt with your guitar at 40% off the regular price.

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