Pete C., U.K.

Larry Corsa

Hey Larry!

Just spent a very enjoyable few hours playing MAN-012 – absolutely stunning, and in a very different way to P005 – they complement each other very well, and I’m very happy to say I love them both :-). Those slightly hotter Manalishis really howl on MAN-012 – I’ll be rehearsing with my band tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to cranking it up :-). The biggest difference I notice is actually on the wound strings (new sets on both guitars) – they’re both super-resonant and both guitars scream similarly on the unwound strings, but it seems like MAN-012 shouts a little louder in the lower register, which is great for some of the stuff I play. I also notice even more resonance on MAN-012 – it’s got sustain like a Duracell battery! I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow in the studio.

So I played MAN-012 in the rehearsal studio last night – sounded INCREDIBLE cranked up – so much bite, definition, depth and clarity – really amazing, and the best cranked tone I’ve heard from my (now quite large!) collection of guitars… Very very happy 🙂

I was rehearsing again tonight by the way – brought along MAN-012 and my other “go-to” guitar – MAN-012 killed it! Amazing… Pete C.

April 30, 2015