Corsa Guitars “TRADE-UP To a Corsa” Program

Corsa Guitars is pleased to offer our “TRADE-UP to a Corsa” opportunity for those wanting to trade their instruments in to us toward the cost of their Corsa LCPG or LCPG M-Spec.(Trade-Up not available for Little Dog, Big Dog, Fury or Pure Player models). Guitars, amplifiers, effects, etc. will be considered.

Fill in the form below (* indicates required fields) and send it along with a few pictures of the guitar, amp, etc. (front, back, front and back of headstock). Please do not send photos larger than 1MB in size. Consider using a compression program to make the photos smaller. A good choice is Yahoo’s “,” which is an easy, online service to losslessly compress photos without having to install anything on your computer. Yahoo!

We typically use eBay “sold listings” to value a trade, rather than listed “asking prices,” which can be quite far apart. We encourage you to do your own “sold listings” search (on eBay, under “advanced” search options, select the “Sold Listings” box) to get an idea of what value you can expect to receive for your trade. It makes no sense to overvalue your instrument as it will not affect how much we can offer on trade. Please be realistic. Once we agree on a TRADE-UP price toward a Corsa Guitar, you deliver the instrument(s) to us and, when received, we will begin to process your order. Once we receive your instrument it cannot be returned to you. We consign them to a strategic partner and they are sold.


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