Why Corsa Guitars? (Part 1)

Because SOMEONE has to prioritize tone

I had waited my entire life for someone to build guitars correctly for maximum tone. I got tired of waiting and decided to build them myself. Corsa Guitars is the product of my life-long quest to find the ultimate electric solid-body guitar tone.

After a life of playing Peter Green inspired blues music in bands across the East Coast of the USA I felt the need to obtain the quintessential guitar that would emulate Peter’s complex, harmonic laden, sustaining and powerful sound. I found such a guitar early in my music career but like many players, let it slip through my fingers. Along the way it felt like I played every Les Paul model in every era produced, including many Bursts I owned, as well as Peter’s original Burst (see YouTube Video #1 and YouTube Video #2). I thought about buying Peter’s Les Paul but decided to attempt to replicate the exact sound.

Playing endless Les Paul guitars I was getting frustrated as I could not get close to that sound in my head. As fate would have it, I bought a bunch of Les Paul models to continue my efforts to obtain my sought after obsession – the Peter Green tone. Along with a few Historics and several reissue guitars, I also bought a couple of Faded models. I was turning over a lot of stones looking for a gem. To my surprise and delight, the Faded sounded better than all other Les Pauls I played, including some original Bursts. How could this be? The cheapest Les Paul I bought sounded the best and close to Peter’s original guitar. I went into detective mode to understand exactly why this guitar sounded so good.

I realized that the construction features of the Les Paul model did not matter as much as what you did to the wood. The keys to the Corsa sound were in the Faded’s finish, or lack thereof, and in chambers in the body. Heresy for sure to Les Paul followers of blind faith, not the band, the belief. Once I discovered this, I researched and perfected the Corsa finish and body chambers. Finally I designed a pickup that when in the out-of-phase middle position, would finally nail that Peter Green tone I had been chasing for decades.

(Continued in Part 2)

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