You either Love it or Return it

Returns & Refunds

  • If you’re not happy with your Corsa Guitar for any reason, you have seven (7) days from the date of receipt receipt to decide whether you “love it or return it.” A refund will be given for the full purchase amount, less shipping charges, upon receipt of the return.
  • No guitar leaves us without performing perfectly. If your guitar arrives and is not playing perfectly, this is most likely due to a change in the neck relief, as moving from one type of climate to another can have this effect. This is not a “defect” and can usually be easily corrected by adjusting the truss rod. If this is something you cannot do yourself, we will accept a return, either for a refund or to make the adjustment and return the guitar to you. If an adjustment is desired, you will be responsible for the shipping charges both ways.
  • You may also elect to have a truss rod adjustment performed by a competent local repair technician, rather than incurring the time and extra shipping expense to have us make the adjustment. We would reimburse you for this adjustment, provided you tell us in advance what the charge will be and only if we agree with the charges. If we feel the charge is excessive, we will tell you how much of the charge we will reimburse you for. If you do not agree with our assessment, you are still welcome to return the guitar for a full refund, or to have us make the adjustment.
  • Please fill out and submit our Return Request Form, either for a refund or request for repair or adjustment.