Most frequent questions and answers

We offer both finished guitars and custom order guitars. For a finished guitar, simply purchase and it will be shipped to you promptly.

For custom order guitars, we have two ways to order. One way is picking a finished body displayed on the website and then choosing your color, neck profile, and electronics. A 50% deposit is required to start the order, with delivery in about 30-45 days.

We also offer custom “from scratch,” where you pick virtually everything for your custom build. Currently, we are looking at a build completion date of approximately 180 days from the date of order.

We are strictly an Internet based company and do not have a showroom. This is why we offer a seven day trial period for you to decide if you want to keep your Corsa Guitar or not.

We will no longer be making production versions of our LCPG and Manalishi models, where you pick an available already cut body and choose from limited options.

Going forward, all premium carved top models will be produced under the Manalishi model name and are built “from scratch,” after choosing an available top and picking from a wide array of build options. Prices start at $2,950 and have a build completion time of approximately 120 days from date of order. If you are interested in pursuing a custom order, please check the Manalishi section in our shop to see availble tops. If you have any questions about a custom build, please contact us using the “Contact Us” form.

Yes! All Corsa models are available in left handed as custom order, with NO UPCHARGE. There is an extended completion time, however, of up to 180 days to complete. Left Handed models may be ordered from the “Tops For Custom Build” category in the Shop. Simply specify “Left Handed” in the order notes.

Standard “The Pack” series guitars do not use any rosewood, so shipping outside the U.S. is not an issue. Headstock overlays are Ebony, and fingerboards are either Pau Ferro or Ebony.

Manalishi guitars are available for custom order as well. If ordering for shipment outside the U.S., you can choose Ebony or Pau Ferro for your fingerboard.

The required deposit is 50% of the cost of the guitar, with any chosen extra cost options. Shipping costs and sales tax (only for shipments to Pennsylvania) will be added to the total cost, but the 50% deposit will only apply to the actual cost of the guitar. The balance due when the guitar is finished and ready to ship will be the remaining balance for the guitar, plus the shipping and, if any, tax.

Upon placing a custom order, an invoice is created. The invoice will appear in the “My Account” section of your account. When the guitar is finished and ready for shipment, you will log in to your account and pay the balance from the outstanding invoice.

We offer three neck profiles. Basically, if you are familiar with Gibson® guitar necks, our 50’s and 60’s are very similar to the USA (non custom shop) Les Paul profiles. Our ’59 profile, on the other hand, is based on some real ’59 burst profiles, and are not as big as the profile used on current Gibson® Historic ’59 reissues. Here are the approximate dimension of our three profiles, measured at the 1st, 7th and 12th frets:

  • ’59: .887″/.949″/.987″
  • 50’s: .820″/.917″/.964″
  • 60’s: .814″/.873″/.899″

Mostly, no. I would entertain trades of certain Gibson Les Paul guitars, but only if they are of lesser value than the Corsa guitar being traded for. That would eliminate most of “The Pack” guitars. I would also trade up a Corsa guitar for one of more value, i.e., a Little Dog towards a Big Dog, Fury, or Manalishi, and so on. I am not a music store or a guitar dealer. I am not interested in building an inventory of non Corsa guitars.