How We Ship

  • We ship exclusively with USPS & FedEx, both domestic and internationally, using a system that provides real time rates based upon the total weight of the order and destination. USPS is closed for all federal U.S. holidays and no shipping will occur on such days.
  • Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services via USPS are offered during checkout. FedEx Express and Ground services are also available.
  • We require that an adult signs for the shipment upon delivery. If you desire to have your shipment sent without requiring a signature, you must specifically request, in writing (via email), that we ship “no signature required,” and that you accept full responsibility in the event the package is lost or stolen from the delivery address. This option is only available for U.S. shipments.

Domestic and International Shipping

  • We ship to the United States and all its territories (including APO/FPO), and most other countries throughout the world.
  • For U.S. shipments, Priority Mail is guaranteed 2-3 day delivery; Priority Mail Express is guaranteed 1-2 day delivery. These guarantees are given by USPS, not by Corsa Guitars, and Corsa Guitars is not responsible if USPS fails to deliver in the promised timeframe. FedEx offers similar delivery options.
  • For International shipments, Priority Mail is quoted as 6 days for delivery, and Priority Mail Express is quoted as 3-5 day delivery. However, these quotes are often unreliable because of delays that may be encountered in your country’s customs service and/or local postal service. Tracking is sometimes unreliable as well, because the package’s bar code must be scanned for tracking to be updated. If your customs service or postal service fails to scan the package, the USPS tracking system will not be updated. Generally, international shipments are delivered in a reasonable amount of time, but we have had instances where actual delivery has exceeded one month. Corsa Guitars will not assume responsibility for any international shipment once it is clear from the tracking information that the package has left the United States, nor can we contact USPS on your behalf before at least one month has passed since the date the shipment left the United States. Please bear these conditions in mind if you are an international customer, and, by placing an order with Corsa Guitars, you are accepting these conditions. Please note that any additional taxes and duties charged upon delivery are the responsibility of the purchaser. If you wish to seek a refund for these amounts, please see your government website for more details.
  • FedEx, although more expensive in most cases, is a much more reliable service for International shipments, since they handle the package from start to finish and their quoted delivery times are usually accurate. For certain countries, FedEx will be the only available shipping option. This is because some countries have a limit on the size of package their postal services will accept. Since FedEx does not hand off the package to a local postal service these size restrictions do not apply. FYI, our guitar shipping boxes are 44″ x 16″ x 6″ (112cm x 41cm x 15cm). For some countries, 42″ (107cm) is the maximum length of a package they will accept into their system.


We realize the frustration of not receiving an order in a timely fashion. Delays do occur and virtually all packages do get delivered, even if later than expected. We are happy to assist in trying to locate any late or lost packages. However, we do need to rely on the tracking information provided by USPS and filing a claim with them never provides immediate answers, and often no information is forthcoming for quite some time.
One very worrisome situation is when the tracking says a package has been delivered, but the recipient claims not to have received the package. This is why we insist upon having an adult sign for the delivery. If you opt out of adult signature delivery, you must assume all responsibility in the event the package is delivered to someone else and is not recoverable.

We have found that trying to file a claim under these conditions is not possible. Once a package is declared “delivered,” USPS is of no real help in finding the package. However, there actually is some hope, which we discovered because we encountered a “delivered” item ourselves, which we did not actually receive. Our postal carrier told us that the last tracking scan where the package was delivered has GPS coordinates attached to it. This is something we were never told when contacting USPS directly. Our carrier was able to see exactly where the package was delivered, retrieve it, and then deliver it to us. If you see by the tracking information that your package has been “delivered,” but you have not received it, we urge you to contact your postal carrier and have him/her check the GPS coordinates. NOTE: This applies to U.S. deliveries only. We are not aware of this being an option available outside the U.S.