Now Upgraded with Manalishi SplitBuckers and the Mass.Effect Tone System!

A Milestone LCPG! I just took this guitar in on trade towards a new, custom build Manalishi. This is the one hundredth LCPG I built, and it’s a great one. Featuring a 50’s neck and a nice light weight of 7 pounds, 4 ounces (3.29 Kg.), with a beautiful flame top in Vintage Amber NTN satin finish. The guitar was originally fitted with a pair of uncovered double white Manalishi pickups, two push pulls for coil splitting and phase changing, and all aged Faber® hardware, except for a set of aged Grover 18:1 rotomatic tuners.

This guitar was built before the development of my Manalishi SplitBucker pickups, which are much better suited to coil splitting than the Original Manalishi pickups. Since the guitar had a push-pull installed to split both pickups, I decided to change out the pickups for a new pair of covered Manalishi SplitBuckers and go all out in the tone department by installing the “Mass.Effect” tone system. NOW the guitar delivers much better individual coil splitting, PLUS phase changing, “cocked wah,” and more! See the Mass.Effect setting sheet for details. I also changed the tuners to aged Faber® Deluxe.

At current pricing, this LCPG would list for $3,248. Save over $650 on this one at only $2,595! Includes original Custom Corsa TKL hard shell case and both the original and revised Certificates of Production. East Indian Rosewood fingerboard, so U.S. customers only.

Corsa LCPG-P100


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