Should I Buy A Corsa Guitar?

"Should I Buy A Corsa Guitar?"

Why not? You have nothing to lose with our guarantee!

Let’s face it. ALL guitar makers are going to tell you their guitars “sound great!” They have to say that, don’t they? Yeah, even if it’s only stated as an afterthought. The truth is, all guitars make sounds, but do they really have TONE? Some do, most don’t.

I have played upwards of 1,000 guitars in my lifetime, maybe more, always with tone as my first priority. I have to say I’ve been disappointed many times. But, a good half of those thousand or so guitars have had “faded” finishes, i.e., no grain filler, so I guess I can say 1 out of 2 sounded great! In the real world, most players have never been exposed to that number of guitars and probably have never played a guitar with a non traditional finish, so their good/bad ratio would be more like 10 bad to 1 good. If I take all the “Fadeds” out of my own equation, I think 10:1 is stretching it, because that would mean I played 50 guitars out of 500 that made me smile, and that wasn’t the case.

With a Corsa Guitar, you are always guaranteed the best tone as the top priority. Our guitars happen to look good too, although “different” than traditional “fine furniture finish” guitars. We’ll take the tone AND the good looks, thank you, over good looks and hit & miss tone. Yes, we guarantee the best tone and back it up with a 7 day (from receipt) no questions asked full money back return policy. Buy a Corsa, take it over to your local big box retailer and put it up against anything hanging on the wall. We’re sure you won’t find anything, even if they hide the expensive ones behind glass, that can match the tone of a Corsa.

Do we really make the best sounding electric guitars you can buy? Only a test drive may convince you. Or, read what our customers say in our Reviews. Either way, we’ve got your back with our guarantee.